The Great War Society

In 2008 the Society adopted the following new Mission Statement to describe its objectives and intentions.

mission statement
Since 1986, the purposes of The Great War Society have been to study all aspects of World War I and to promote a greater understanding of this catastrophic conflict and its profound and lasting effects on subsequent generations. To achieve these goals, the organization focuses on three main activities that involve the work of volunteers, charitable contributions, and sponsorships:

  • EDUCATION through collection and dissemination of information via publications, lectures and seminars.

    We increase awareness of the Great War through our web site and through our quarterly publication called Relevance, and we have held fifteen major seminars in the U.S. that often featured speakers from around the world.

  • PRESERVATION of records, artifacts and monuments.

    We work closely with such organizations as the National World War One Museum in Kansas City, the U.S. Oise-Aisne Cemetery in France, and others.

  • TRANSLATION of non-English materials & TRANSCRIPTION of letters and diaries

    We promote and make available translations and transcriptions prepared by our members, scholars and students to support a broader understanding of the Great War.

special projects