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To the Members and Friends of
The Great War Society

April 30, 2009

As part of our educational mission to increase interest and awareness in the Great War, starting this year the Society will be making a concerted effort to identify the very best books from the thousands of works that have been published about World War I. We then intend to publish a guide organized into numerous categories such as best single volume work, best books on aviation, etc.

How will we do this? At this time we are assembling an advisory panel of notable World War I authors, scholars, editors, publishers and book reviewers. With their help, we intend to identify and classify the books in order to recommend what someone should consider when they build a library for personal or research purposes. Of course, one of our best resources will be the membership of The Great War Society, which includes many well-read individuals, as well as published authors and researchers. A list of members' favorites will be included in our final bibliography.

Please check back here to learn more about the project as it unfolds.

Dana Lombardy

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Some Candidates for
Our Final List